Friday, April 8

Je pense à Paris

never knew that i would miss the endless long corridors, running for the metro, watching out for homeless people, pickpocket-ers, looking downwards as to avoid dog poo, the thousands of staircases...

i really miss paris.

i thought it'd be nice to not forget my french and attempt to also type in french. vous me corrigez si il y a erreurs, d'accord?

je pensais que je ne voudrais pas manquer les plus long couloirs, courir pour le metro, regarder les personnes sans-abri, les voleurs et les poo-poo des chiens, et les milles des escaliers...

je manques paris beaucoup!

Sunday, October 3


It's 23 degrees today and there's no lovelier time to go out in the sun. It's good to see some skin and everyone is in pretty flowery dresses looking to conquer any patch of grass or bench to laze on. I'm trying to be less lazy and bring my camera around.

The girls and I decided to enjoy the sun - I brought them to my new favourite haunt - The Commerical Bakery - and we walked on to Fed Square and sat on funky looking stools away from the giant crowd watching the footie finals (Go Collingwood!).

Look forward to more pictures on the blog and do leave your comments - I promise not to cry if you decide to be harsh!